Here is some of what I try to bring to work.


I tend to rise to the top of whatever structure I’m in. I synthesize and express a vision. I pursue it with an energy that gets people involved. I try to understand and anticipate each person’s needs individually. I delight in progress, even when it is a struggle. I enjoy recognizing the contributions of others and celebrating success as a group.


I’m at my best when I’m learning something new. I’ll be a recognized expert in whatever technology I’m working faster than you expect. I’m a fierce learner. I want to know everything. If I don’t understand something I never pretend that I do. I dig and dig until it yields clarity.


Hire me to do something for which you’ll have a hard time finding anyone good enough. Hire me for something you need done brilliantly. Hire me for something at least partially outside what I already know. I am driven to understand things. I’ll figure it out. Hire me for something that needs direction. I’ll find it.


A lot of people enjoy working with me. I enjoy working with most people. I never lose sight of the game-like qualities of projects and businesses. There is no shortage of ridiculousness and hypocrisy in any organization. Being willing to acknowledge that, laugh at it, and move on keeps us from turning bad feeling inward.


Striving to succeed is its own pleasure. I pick my battles. I’m competitive, but my favorite strategy is converting competitors into allies.


People know when they’re trusted. I trust the people I work with. I don’t give them varnished or abridged versions of what I think or know. Keeping people in the dark about things that would affect their work in order to “shield” them is ultimately destructive. I tell my direct reports a great deal about what is going on in the organization as a whole, and I tell my superiors what’s going on with my team. I am careful not to violate confidences or reveal anything that should remain private. By spending the bulk of their waking hours working for us, our people have entered a very intimate relationship with our organization; they deserve and are better able to contribute in the presence of full information.