2010iPhone App: Firewater
FireWater is dazzling shower of sparks pulled along the surface of a simulated fluid you stir with your finger. Form whirlpools and eddies. Watch them blaze out like fireworks. FireWater implements a simple intuitive physics of fluid flow I developed myself.
StaticsPad is a program for simple structural design using the discipline of graphic statics. It supports the textbook Form and Forces: Designing Efficient, Expressive Structures by Edward Allen and Waclaw Zalewski.
Boston Art Windows, Downtown Crossing, Boston, MA
Homespun is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt turned upside down by forces beyond their control. It is a dollhouse rotating slowly end-over-end on an axle and a video feed of the inside of the house. (In the video, the rotation is removed, so the furniture prowls slowly around the room from floor to wall to ceiling.) It is about the heaviness and danger of the objects with which we surround ourselves and the fragility of the shells we live in.
2005Processing Lights and Camera
Contributed software vertex lighting and shading system and camera code to the open source Processing project in Java. Developed an open source point-mass particle system library for Processing that is in use today in a variety of projects.
2003Active Statics
Developed and deployed highly interactive structural design teaching tools for architects to accompany Zalewski and Allen’s textbook, Shaping Structures: Statics. Currently in use in many schools of architecture.
An inexpensive and effective 3D scanner and volume recognizer built from webcams.
Fully functional augmented-reality system for creating and viewing virtual forms and permanently installing them into real space.